Galtero was a loyal member of the Blood of the Fold. He was killed by Kahlan Amnell after he murdered Lunetta Brogan.

Blood of the Fold Edit

He encounters Richard Rahl by accident, and almost takes him in for questioning before Richard is rescued at the last minute by his D'Haran guards. He later attends a meeting, alongside Tobias Brogan and Lunetta, which Richard called to proclaim the dissolution of the Midlands.

After the meeting, he goes with Brogan and Lunetta to a nearby midden heap, where Lunetta cast a circle spell that would force the Duke and Duchess Lumholtz to walk around the heap indefinitely. The group waits for the couple to pass by a few times. On the second pass through, the duchess tries to politely ask Tobias to stop following them. Galtero uses this opportunity to shamelessly stare at her bosom, which angers the duchess and her husband.

On the third pass through, the duchess gets enraged and begins insulting Tobias. The lord general snatches the white lace at her bosom and rips open her yellow dress down to her waist, exposing her breasts. Her husband in vain tries to jump to her protection as Lunetta freezes him solid with magic.

Galtero pins the duchess's arms behind her back, rendering her impotent. Her back arches as he twists her arms. Her nipples stand out stiff in the cold wind. Tobias then slices of the woman's left nipple, which Lunetta uses as a medium to cast possession magic upon the duchess to make her Tobias' obedient minion.

Tobias orders Lunetta to heal Duchess Lumholtz. Galtero stares with a glint of lust in his eyes as Lunetta cups her hands around the woman's injured breast. Eventually Lunetta heals the breast, but it now has no nipple.

Lunetta asks if he wants to have the duke as well, but Tobias only needs the duchess. Instead he says that the duke must be killed in a manner that mimics a mirswith. Galtero offers to do the deed but Tobias instead rewards Galtero by allowing him to have the duchess while her husband is being murdered. Galtero drags off the shrieking duchess into the darkness, where he rapes her on top of the midden heap.

When the trio are escaping Aydindril, Brogan and Lunetta are attacked by Berdine, but Galtero manages to knock her out, which allows the pair to take control of her. When Lunetta kills Brogan, Galtero kills her in revenge. He is subsequently killed almost immediately afterwards by Kahlan.

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