Official Grace

Terry Goodkind has updated the Grace so that the eight-pointed star (formed by two squares in the inner circle) no longer extends to the outer circle (without the extensions shown)

The Grace is a magical symbol. It is composed of two circles, one square, and one star, nested one within another. The outermost shape is a circle, followed by a square inside it, whose corners are touching the circle. Inside the square sits another circle, just large enough to touch the midpoints of the square's sides. The inner circle holds an eight-pointed star, formed of two equally-sized squares rotated 45 degrees relative to each other. Lines radiate out from the points of the star, piercing all the way through both circles, every other line bisecting a corner of the square.

It is stated in "Debt of Bones" that Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander used an altered Grace where two sides of the square (the boundary) dipped into the inner circle (the world of life) in arcs that ended outside the outer circle (the underworld). This corner had no ray which represents the Gift coming through it from the star in the center (the Creator).

Symbolism Edit

A Grace is often drawn by those with magic. The outer circle represents the beginnings of the infinity of the spirit world out beyond. The square represents the boundary separating the spirit world - the Underworld, the world of the dead - from the inner circle, which represents the limits of the world of life. In the center of it all is the star, representing the Light, the Creator.

It is a depiction of the continuum of the gift: from the Creator, through life, and at death crossing the boundary to eternity with the spirits in the Keeper's realm of the underworld. It represents a hope as well, a hope to remain in the Creator's Light from birth, through life, and beyond, in the underworld. It was said only the spirits of those who did great wickedness in life would be denied the Creator's Light in the underworld.
Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.42.17 PM

A Grace

Drawing a GraceEdit

To draw a grace: The outer circle is drawn first, next the square representing the veil is drawn, the circle representing the world of life is next, and finally the star is drawn last with its rays going through the corners of the square and out beyond the veil into the underworld.

A Fatal Grace is usually drawn from the inside out, with the star's points turned in enclosing the person drawing it. The star is drawn first then the inner circle is added. The square is drawn next with the midpoints of the square touching the North, South, East, and West quadrants of the circle. The outer circle is drawn last, and is drawn so that it touches all four corners of the square before it.

An altered Grace was drawn by Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander when he put up the boundaries. In this Grace, two sides of the square (the boundary) dipped into the inner circle (the world of life) in arcs that ended outside the outer circle (the underworld). This corner had no ray coming through it from the star in the center.

Usage, significance, and power Edit

When drawn by people born without the gift of magic, a Grace is inert and harmless. However, when drawn by one with the gift, there is immediate significance.

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