Gregory was a red dragon who was the offspring of Scarlet.


While still an egg he was hidden from Scarlet by Darken Rahl so that Darken Rahl could force her to fly him around the New World. The egg was guarded by many short-tailed gars in Fire Spring. Scarlet, with the aid of Richard Rahl, was able to rescue the egg.

Gregory later appeared, fully grown. It was revealed that due to the contamination of the chimes, Scarlet had become ill and was unable to fly, and thus he was forced to care for her. He was bewitched by the witch woman Six and was used to help her hunt down soldiers of the D'Haran Empire who were wreaking havoc in the Old World.

Shota later freed Gregory from Six's spell, and he then agreed to carry Richard to the People's Palace in D'Hara in repayment for rescuing him as an egg.