A Gripper was a small, hump-shaped creature that almost looked like a rock.

Description Edit

It had gray armor bands interlocked all across its back and jagged spikes all around the bottom edge. The only known habitat of the grippers was in the King's Port, a pass through the Boundary between Westland and the Midlands. It was one of the slowest creatures in the King's Port pass. Its armor was harder than an axe. It had many legs underneath, each with a sharp, hooked claw at the end. It made a soft scraping sound when it walked, like claws on a rock. It moved with an odd, waddling gait, its humped body swaying from side to side as it struggled forward. Its mouth was like a leech with teeth all around. When threatened it could make a snapping and hissing sound and a clicking growl. With great trouble, but relatively quickly, it could right itself when stuck on its back.

When it reached its prey, a gripper wrapped itself around its victim so only its armor was exposed. It dug into the flesh to hold tight so it could not be pulled off and fixed its mouth to its victim, sucking the blood out, tightening with its claws all the time. It would suck all the blood out of its victim before moving on. The only known way to get a gripper off once attached was to cut off the appendage it was attached to. A gripper attacked Adie while she slept in the boundary, which led to her cutting her own foot off to prevent the gripper from killing her.

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