Hania was a Mord-Sith captured by the Imperial Order during the campaign to take Anderith, a city in the New World. She was being tortured (during which she did not scream once) when Nicci, at that time Sister of the Dark and a slave of Emperor Jagang, "rescued" her. By killing Hania's torturer and by promising a quick death, a promise she kept, Nicci was able to get Hania to describe in depth the torture Richard received at the hands of the Mord-Sith Denna.

Hania was reluctant to give the information and asked Nicci to kill her multiple times. Nicci convinced Hania to divulge what she knew by reassuring her that the information had no military value and would not result in harm coming to Richard Rahl. Nicci released Hania from her pain by cutting her throat.

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