Hartland is the fourteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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When Darken Rahl establishes a foothold in the Seeker's hometown, Richard, Kahlan and Chase must journey through the boundary to save Hartland from the forces of darkness.

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Richard and Kahlan are walking through the woods, discussing Zedd’s recent departure to hide the third box of orden, when they see someone suspicious behind them running away. After a brief pursuit, they find that it is Chase, who had, only a short time earlier, narrowly escaped a D’Haran Quad. Chase emphasizes their need to avoid the Quad.

Later, Chase is shown lying, apparently dead, in the middle of a field. The D’Haran Quad approaches and turns over his body. Richard and Kahlan surprise the D’Harans and engage them in battle. Chase, having only feigned death, begins fighting too. The battle ends as Chase violently beats one of the D’Harans repeatedly with his fists.

As Richard, Kahlan, and Chase recover, Chase explains that he has been locked in a D’Haran labor camp. Chase explains that after the boundary failed, Hartland was overtaken by gars. Chase went and spoke to Michael Cypher, the First Councilor of Hartland, and convinced him to give Chase control over the military, which was taken from him after he had helped Richard to escape from Hartland. Michael granted Chase his request, but when they reached the boundary, there were D’Harans there. The D’Harans captured Chase and put him in the prison camp. In the camp, Chase heard stories of the Seeker and decided to make his escape. After killing a D’Haran, he escaped and went looking for Richard.

Chase explains that he needs to return to Hartland and his family. Despite protests, Richard insists that he and Kahlan return to Hartland. They disguise themselves as D’Harans, and ride horses back to the boundary. They realize upon getting there that the rip in the boundary is monitored and guarded by D’Harans. Pretending that they are delivering Kahlan as a female escort to the D’Haran viceroy, they are able to convince the D’Haran soldiers to let them pass.

Upon arriving at Chase’s home, they find nothing but dust, cobwebs, and rotting fruit. They go to town to try and find Chase’s family. The D’Harans appear to have taken over the town. While in town, they see Anna, Richards former girlfriend, buying bread, although they do not speak to her. While in town, they hear bells ringing, and everyone bows to the ground. Michael ceremonially, and dressed in D’Haran clothing, goes in front of the people and leads them in devotions to Lord Rahl. During this ceremony, a gar appears, and one of the D’Haran archers shoots and kills it. Michael uses this opportunity to laud the D’Harans and Lord Rahl. Everyone in the town seems so happy about the presence of the D’Harans, that Richard suspects magic.

Richard sneaks into Michael’s chambers and takes him hostage at knifepoint. Richard takes Michael back to Chase’s house. There, Chase and Kahlan interrogate Michael, who reveals that the D’Harans have moved Chase’s family “somewhere safe.” He also says that the D’Harans have been protecting Hartland and making their village prosperous. It is also revealed that Michael is taking orders from the viceroy.

They discover that the viceroy is taking Hartlanders prisoner, and feeding them to the gars. After they tell Michael, Michael agrees to help them by telling the public the truth during the next devotion. Plans go awry, however, and Michael cannot go through with the plan.

The D’Harans, suspecting something is wrong, deduce that Richard is in Hartland. Michael tells Richard, and agrees to help them escape back through the boundary. Richard, Kahlan, Chase, Michael, and Anna surprise the D’Harans and fight them. During this melee Michael is stabbed through the chest by a D’Haran. Kahlan confesses the Viceroy and orders him to disband all D’Haran forces. The viceroy also tells them that all women and children were to be sent to the mythical "Keep of Edraan" in the midlands. Kahlan has heard of it but doesn’t know where it is.

Richard swears to bring Chase’s family back from the Keep. Kahlan orders the viceroy to blow up the magical arch that is holding open the rip in the boundary. The viceroy also writes in his journey book telling Darken Rahl that Richard is dead. Chase goes with Richard and Kahlan to the Midlands.

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