Hawker's Trail was a path that ran north and south through the Ven Forest of Westland. It was the fastest way to get from the town of Hartland to Southaven (four or five days ride on horseback). The far north and south portions of the trail ran very close to the boundary when it was up, although most of the trail ran further west. A portion of it ran along the north bank of Trunt Lake with the main path traveling around the west side of the lake and up a large hill where it skirted the edge of the hillside with a sharp drop-off that fell into the lake. The lower portion of the trail was wet and soggy in the spring (due to the rising of Trunt Lake), but dry or snow-covered most of the year.

Breaking off from Hawker's Trail, there was a small, easily missed cutoff that steered away from Trunt Lake, away from the boundary, and toward the town of Hartland. First going through a narrow, dark, green walled route pressed tight on the sides by evergreens, eventually the cutoff rose and became rockier as the trees thinned and twisted across deeply shaded cuts in the terrain and across leaf-strewn ravines. As the trail continued, pines and spruce gave way to hardwood trees, mostly white birch until the trail followed along the base of a granite wall to a location where sound reverberated throughout the hills and could carry for miles. The path continued to climb upward as the trees thinned and eventually led out of the trees onto narrow, open, shear, and steep rocky ledges where the path was not always clearly marked and there were many false trails. The path climbed steadily upward, traveling east on the ledges before it cut back to the west and traveled along the south face of small Blunt Mountain, where it crossed a sheer cliff face named Blunt Cliff, for which the mountain was named. As the trail neared the far side of the cliff side, it started to broaden from its treacherous, narrow width to a space wide enough for two to walk side by side. However, the cliff remained, dropping hundreds of feet to the boulder fields below. As the trail continued, it head down into the Hartland Woods and then into the town of Hartland.

A number of granite boulders and rock formations had formed along Hawker's Trail. Most travelers chose to avoid Hawker's Trail, choosing instead the trails of Hartland Woods, due to its proximity to the boundary.

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