Hildemara didn’t need the blade of wit; raw power alone shielded her.
―Dalton Campbell[src]

Hildemara Chanboor was the wife of Bertrand Chanboor and in many ways the person behind his rise to power. Together they became responsible for the fall of Anderith to the Imperial Order.

Biography Edit

Imperial Order War Edit

During a night of celebration to welcome the representative of the Imperial Order, Stein, Hildemara Chanboor created the illusion that the entirety of the banquet balanced upon her finger. In actual fact she did little more than raise her finger to signal the harpist when to start and stop playing. This was as it was at most occasions, yet she demanded that she be recognized as the regal hostess.

When her husband, Bertrand, announced the Winthrop Fair Employment Law, she was among the few that knew of the underlying reasons for its proclamation. Claudine Winthrop, who had been involved in an incident with the Minister of Culture, planned to reveal the Minister's misdemeanor to Director Linscott. The Winthrop Fair Employment Law stripped Linscott's masons guild of its ability to turn away under qualified people, something that turned the guild on Linscott and took him from power, preventing Claudine from voicing her concerns to him.

Hildemara, Bertrand and his chief of staff/aide Dalton Campbell worked together to make sure that Bertrand was the prime candidate to become Sovereign.

Upon the arrival of the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell and her husband, the Lord Rahl of D'Hara, Richard Rahl in Anderith a vote was put to the people of Anderith to decide whether to join with the Imperial Order or the D'Haran Empire. Hildemara and Bertrand plotted to rig the vote to ensure that Anderith seceded to the Order, as they had already secretly negotiated with Emperor Jagang.

Later, after Dalton Campbell sped the current Sovereign on his way to the underworld, Bertrand was named Sovereign of Anderith, achieving his and his wife's ambitions.

Bertrand soon took Dalton's wife Teresa as one of his lovers. Dalton, after the death of his long time friend Franca Gowenlock at the hands of Stein, began to have regrets regarding the evils he, Hildemara and Bertrand had orchestrated. Dalton caused himself to contract a deadly viral disease, slept with his wife to ensure that it was passed on to Bertrand and then did the same with Hildemara so as to assassinate her too.

However, this was not before the Imperial Order overran Anderith and butchered and enslaved its citizens.

Personality and traits Edit

Though universally proclaimed radiant and beautiful, Lady Chanboor was actually rather thick of limb and feature. However, this did not stop her from wearing a dress as low cut as any other woman. Hildemara was the kind of woman who liked to be fawned over.

Lady Chanboor was the power behind the office of her husband and she was seen as a faithful loving wife, though like her husband she had many a lover, though hers were much more discreet associations. Hildemara was loved by the people of Anderith, like the people of other lands loved a queen. She was adept, knowledgeable and focused. Lady Chanboor disliked eel above all else.

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