Home is the twelfth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Kahlan and Zedd try to free Richard from a wizard's mysterious spell before threatening secrets are revealed.

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Using a rare astronomical alignment, Darken Rahl has his wizard, Giller, cast the Spell of the Lying Moon, placing Richard under a dreamlike trance, in an attempt to reveal the hidden location of the third Box of Orden. Under the spell, Richard believes he is home in the Hartland and that Kahlan and Zedd were but a dream. He begins to tell of his past months adventures as Darken Rahl, under the guise of a childhood infatuation, pushes him to disclose where he hid the Box of Orden. Zedd is powerless to break Darken Rahl’s hold over Richard so a desperate Kahlan admits the truth to him, she loves Richard. Kahlan’s tears break through to Richard’s dreams and he is able to at last see the truth and the face of Darken Rahl. He rips out of his dream state in time to recover the Box of Orden before it falls into Darken Rahl’s hands. When Kahlan asks how Richard was able to break the spell, Richard reveals that of all the things in his life, Kahlan is the most real, even in his dreams, and he was able to break the spell because he felt her love for him. This episode is a clipshow.

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