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House of Rahl
Family heritage
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The House of Rahl were the dynastic rulers of the land of D'Hara in the New World. The Rahls' lordship over D'Hara appears to have come into effect sometime before the conclusion of the Great War. The head of the family, and of D'Hara, was styled the Lord Rahl, the first known being Alric Rahl.

History Edit

Near the end of the Great War, the wizards of the Old World unleashed a new human weapon known as dream walkers. Dream walkers possessed the ability to control the minds of others, and as a protection for his people, Alric Rahl devised a powerful new magic that bonded them to him; so long as they were loyal to him, dream walkers could not enter his peoples' minds. Part of the bond also ensured that the Lord Rahl always produced at least one gifted heir so that the bond would be carried on through the generations and ensure that the D'Haran people were always protected from the powers of a dream walker. However, as magic must always be in balance, an unforeseen side affect of was that the Lord Rahl would occasionally also produce offspring who were pristinely ungifted.

After several generations, when the danger the pristinely ungifted posed to the future of magic was discovered, it became the policy of the House of Rahl to kill any offspring produced that carried this trait.

Darken Rahl would come to be the Lord Rahl after his father, Panis Rahl. Darken Rahl started the Second D'Haran War by invading the Midlands. The Seeker of Truth, and Darken Rahl's son, Richard Rahl, became the leader of the revolt against the oppression. Richard, then decided to use his birthright by becoming the next Master of D'Hara in order to stop the invading Imperial Order.

Family Tree Edit

                                                          Alric Rahl
                                                              │(many gernerations)
                                                              │                         Nathan Rahl
                                                              │(many generations)
                                                        Panis RahlDarken Rahl's motherRichard Cypher's motherDarken RahlJennsen Rahl's mother
                                                          │   │    │    │
                                                          │   │    │    │
                                                          │   │    │    │                         
                                  Kahlan AmnellRichard Rahl│    │Jennsen RahlTom        
                                                │             │    │             │
                                                │             │    │             │
                              (many generations)│    Drefan Rahl  Oba Rahl       │(many generations)
                                                │                                │
                                                │                                │
                                           Jax Amnell                 Alexander Rahl

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