Huon was a Keltish soldier in the army of the Imperial Order. He was involved in the Massacre of Ebinissia.

Biography Edit

He was one of many soldiers who chased the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell after she had killed the Wizard Slagle. He chased her into the snowy mountains and eventually fell off the edge of the cliff. He was the only one to survive the fall by grabbing onto some frozen branches. The Mother Confessor offered to save him but only if he allowed her to use her touch on him. He said he would not hurt her and let her return to the camp and pleaded to the Mother Confessor to help him. After giving him the offer of her touch or death he chose death with his last words being "The people of Ebinissia got what they deserved. I'd rather take the hand of the Keeper himself than be touched by your filthy magic. The good spirits would never accept me to them if I were touched by your dark and profane magic. To the Keeper with you, Confessor!" After that he let go of the branch and toppled down to his death.

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