Identity is the seventh episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Richard must avert a vision of his death at the hands of Darken Rahl's most trusted aide, the treacherous Demmin Nass.

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In a heated battle against D’Haran soldiers, Richard was holding his own until a General nearly twice his size knocked the Sword of Truth from his hands. Richard was helpless as the General bodily threw him onto a table and ran him through with a sword.

That was a vision Shota had: In three days the Seeker would die at Kelabra. Shota decided she had no choice but to prevent his death.

In a village Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard met up with Colm. Colm was a merchant who quietly supported the fight against Darken Rahl by trading with the D’Haran soldiers and using their money to supply the resistance. He also bribed a D’Haran Commander Morcant in order to fish information out of him. Our heroes were warned by Masslar (at the end of Listener) that something big is going down in Kelabra, and they hoped Colm could tell them more.

Our heroes also met Colm’s son, Gryff. Gryff was enamored with stories of past Seekers, and has studied their history exhaustively. He wanted to go and help our heroes with their fight, but he was to be married the next day. It was an arranged marriage to Bronwyn, whom he had never met. The marriage was to unite Colm’s wealth with Bronwyn’s family’s influence and allow Colm to do even more for the resistance. But Gryff didn’t really want to be married, he’d rather be fighting. He was deeply envious of Richard’s position as the Seeker.

When Gryff left Richard alone, a strange old crone appeared suddenly and warned him that he must not go to Kelabra or he will die. Richard didn’t believe her, but she knew that he would believe her when he saw the sign of the eagle. The old woman vanished as Colm came to fetch Richard.

Seated around a table, Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Colm discussed Kelabra. Colm didn’t know what was going on exactly, but he knew it was huge. He knew it involved several tons of Dragon Ore (a powerful explosive), and he knew that Demmin Nass would be personally over-seeing the work. Richard realized that if they could get to Nass, not only could they disrupt whatever work he was doing for Darken Rahl, but they could also try to use Nass to get to Darken Rahl. At that point Colm produced a map of the ruins of Kelabra to show where the D’Harans were camped, but Richard was alarmed to see the officle D’Haran seal on the map contains an eagle. Zedd and Kahlan are alarmed by the story Richard tells of the old woman and her vision, but they decided to go on with their mission regardless.

Samuel paced around Shota as she meditated and realized that Richard would not heed her warning. Shota went to Gryff and offered to work magic that would make everyone think that Gryff was Richard, and that Richard was Gryff. Overwhelmed with this chance to be the Seeker, a position he’s always idolized, and with the opportunity to get out of his arranged marriage, Gryff agreed.

As the trio prepared to leave, Richard was checking over his saddle bags when Kahlan snatched the Sword of Truth from his fingers. He was bewildered as she berated him for stealing Richard’s sword. When Gryff walked up a moment later, Zedd warns him not to let others use his sword. Gryff, who knew what had happened, took the sword, then saddled up and rode off with the two, leaving Richard behind.

A glimpse of his reflection in a fountain left Richard gaping in amazement until Colm told him to come meet his fiancé’s family. Realizing he would be forced into marriage, Richard panicked and fled, chasing after Zedd and Kahlan. But Briggs, Bronwyn’s brother, caught him. With the warning that Briggs would reveal Colm as a traitor to the D’Harans if Richard didn’t cooperate with the wedding, Richard reluctantly returned to Colm’s home.

Outside of Kelabra, Zedd and Kahlan decided on a course of action. Zedd seemed suspicious that ‘Richard’ wasn’t adding anything to the conversation. When Gryff did speak, he told them of tactics that past Seekers had used. Zedd was shocked that Richard would know those things, but pleased with the ideas. It was decided that our heroes would sneak into the camp by hiding in a crate of supplies Colm sent to the camp. With Zedd posing as the driver of the supply wagon, he would insure the crate Kahlan and Richard were hiding in would be delivered directly to Nass’s command tent. That way Kahlan could touch Nass with her power, and use him to find and kill Darken Rahl.

Richard married Bronwyn. At the end of the ceremony the two were handcuffed together, with the cuffs to be removed only after they had consummated the marriage. Richard managed to get the two of them excused to their bedroom, where he preceded to tell Bronwyn who he really was. Bronwyn didn’t believe him, and was upset herself at having been forced into marriage. She didn’t like her brother or his support of Darken Rahl. She hesitantly agreed when Richard suggested they run away and go their separate ways.

In the woods, Samuel confronted the pair as they ran from Colm's home. Samuel was sent by Shota to make sure Richard didn’t escape to Kelabra, and he knew that Richard was not really Gryff. A fight followed which Richard won. Bronwyn, having heard Samuel call Richard the Seeker, now believed that he wasn’t Gryff, and decided that she must help him, despite Richard wanting her to leave. After Richard pried the handcuffs off, she showed him an underground cave network that would take him to Kelabra in time to help his friends.

Gryff was falling in love with Kahlan, and attempted to kiss her. While they were hiding in the crate, Kahlan tearfully explained to him why they couldn’t be together, completely unaware that the man she spoke to wasn’t Richard. They were brought to Nass’s command tent, where they broke out of the crate. Kahlan rifled through papers on Nass’s desk, hoping to discover why he was at Kelabra, and came across a paper written in the same language as the Book of Counted Shadows. Excitedly she shoved it at Gryff expecting him to read it, but of course, Gryff couldn’t.

Zedd walked in just as Kahlan became outraged that Gryff was masquerading as Richard. When Gryff explained about the old woman and her offer, Zedd and Kahlan realize the woman meant for Gryff to die so that Richard would live. Gryff panicked at that thought, just as General Demmin Nass walked in to his tent.

Although they fought fiercely, Nass soon disarmed Gryff and threw him down to kill him the same way Shota’s vision had showed him killing Richard. At that moment Richard leapt in and grabbed his sword from the ground, stopping Nass. The fight was heated but ultimately successful as the D’Haran camp exploded and the good guys escaped.

With the vision finally adverted, Shota’s spell fades, leaving Richard and Gryff looking like themselves. Gryff and Bronwyn were pleased to discover they had both fought against the D’Harans. Gryff told Kahlan not to be afraid to tell Richard what she’d told him. All seemed a happy ending until Kahlan offered Richard the paper that Gryff hadn’t been able to read. From it they learned that Nass had been sent to Kelabra to excavate a Box of Orden, which he was able to do before the heroes interfered.

It got even worse when Shota revealed herself, Zedd immediately on guard when he realized it was her who’d been manipulating them. Shota told them they’d adverted her vision, but visions can be changed. However, she’s also had a prophesy, which cannot be changed. And the prophesy is that Richard will be betrayed by the one in white! (the one in white being Kahlan.)

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  • This episode varies from the books in that Darken Rahl does not already possess any of the Boxes of Orden.
  • This episode also varies from the books concerning Shota’s prophecy. In this episode Shota states quite clearly that Kahlan will betray Richard. In Wizard's First Rule, however, Shota merely claimed that one close to Richard would betray him, leaving Richard agonizing over who it would be, until finally his brother proved the traitor.
  • The prophecy mentioned by Shota seems to correspond more closely with that of a prophecy in Temple of the Winds rather than that in Wizard's First Rule.
  • Nothing is said in this episode of Samuel's past, but this portral of Samuel is very different from the books both in appearance and in personality. Where in the books Samuel looks and acts bestial, in this episode he seems quite normal.