And Richard, you keep away from that artist, James."
"Why? He might draw a bad likeness of me?
―Zedd and Richard[src]
James was Queen Milena's court artist. He also drew spells around the people that Queen Milena didn't like.

Biography Edit

Richard, having been trapped by James, was forced to leave Kahlan and Zedd behind while he went to the sacred caves behind Tamarang. Zedd broke a stick and used Additive Magic to change both parts, one into an eraser, and the other into a stick of chalk, allowing Richard to alter the picture binding him enough to be freed from the spell. Later, when Richard was in the caves, James found what he was doing and tried to repair the damage, which ended up getting him killed by his own spell. Being free, Richard started to leave the cave, only to run into the Mord-Sith Denna who captured him, after he killed only two of her men. She took hold of the magic of the Sword of Truth when Richard turned his fury on her.

In Legend of the Seeker Edit

In Legend of the Seeker, James is a poor painter from the town of Breamont. He learned how to combine an ancient form of magic with his artistic talents from a book of the Great Library of Breamont. James can send objects from the real world into a painting by painting them on a canvas. James helps protect Livia, a librarian, her son Aiden, Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander from Darken Rahl by sending them into a painting and sacrificing himself to bring them back out.

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