Janet was a Sister of the Light, who was taken captive by Emperor Jagang. She was a dear friend of Verna Sauventreen and met with her upon her return to the Palace of the Prophets. She was used by Jagang to try and recapture Verna, but was killed by her old friend.

Biography Edit

Sister Janet was one of the many unfortunate Sisters of the Light that didn't learn of the bond of fealty to Richard Rahl that allowed a person to stay free of Jagang's powers as a dream walker. As such, the emperor was able to infiltrate her mind and force her to serve the Imperial Order during its war with the D'Haran Empire. The Sisters captured by Jagang were submitted to many horrors such as servicing the men of the armies sexual needs against their will, and regular beatings for the crime of being born with the gift.

Personality and traits Edit

Janet appeared to be a relatively young woman, but was actually of similar age to Verna Sauventreen, who appeared middle aged due to being away from the Palace of the Prophets for twenty years. She had brown hair that reached her shoulders.

While a captive of Jagang, she was forced to wear a gold ring through her lip and a long, tight, see through dress, that revealed her body to anyone who set eyes on her.

Appearances Edit