Jax, you’re someone important where you come from, aren’t you?"
"I’m just a woman, Alex. A woman who has no powers here. A woman who is afraid that she will never see her home again. A woman who is afraid for the lives of those she loves.
Alexander Rahl and Jax Amnell[src]

Jax Amnell was a sorceress and Confessor living in the world with magic. She was an opponent of Radell Cain and his followers, and was the only known member of the opposition to successfully travel to the world without magic.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Jax was descended from the Amnell family, the ancestral rulers of the land of Galea. It is virtually certain that she is the direct descendant of Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor of the Midlands during the Second D'Haran War and the Imperial Order War. Jax is powerfully magical, as Kahlan was the strongest Confessor of her time.

Before she was born, a prophet approached Jax's parents and told them that everyone would be amazed at how quick their daughter would be with her hands, and that it would first be noticed because she would be a natural at the game of jax. As such, when she was born her parents named her Jax. When Jax was but a child, certain people began to get an inkling that Radell Cain and his followers were up to something nefarious; following this line of inquiry, it was discovered that Helen Rahl, who lived in the world without magic, was in danger. Whilst they attempted to help her, they were ultimately unable to. However, this allowed Cain's opponents to discover that Cain was interested in the ancient prophecy that foretold someone from the world without magic saving the world that did have magic.

Rise of Radell Cain Edit

Jax aligned herself with Cain's opponents, in the hope of sparing her world the horrors it would descend into when, as Cain hoped, magic was extinguished. Jax and her allies used their powers to peer through mirrors into the world without magic in an attempt to isolate the individual that the Law of Nines identified as the one foretold of in prophecy. During this time, Jax became the hated enemy of Queen Bethany, an ally of Cain, as well as Yuri, whose brother Jax had killed in battle.

Whilst for a long time Jax's world had peace and prosperity, and most people had a sense of the goodness of life, over time these ideals became outmoded and Radell Cain was able to take advantage of the public resentment. People swooned at his populist notions, and made what was really nothing more than greed sound as if it were morally righteous. With magic as his scapegoat, Cain's popularity soared, and whilst even kings and queens once bowed to the Confessors, now they bowed only to Cain.

Eventually, Jax and her allies unravelled the secret of the spells that allowed one to transport from their world to the world without magic. However, Jax alone of her allies was able to be transported.

The world without magic Edit

In the world without magic, Jax found Alexander Rahl and assisted him in helping stop Cain from bringing technology into the world with magic.

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Personality and traits Edit

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She has brown eyes

Powers and Abilities Edit

Among other abilities, I am a sorceress."
"A sorceress who can't make tea."
"A sorceress who in my world can do a great deal more than make tea.
―Jax Amnell and Alexander Rahl[src]

Jax was a sorceress, and indicated that she was quite gifted in the use of magic. She was capable of using magic to peer through mirrors into the world without magic, as well as transporting herself to this parallel world; a power that she alone of those that opposed Radell Cain could use. Comments made by Jax that she had abilities other than those of a sorceress, and the fact that she is almost certainly the descendant of Kahlan Amnell, indicate that she possesses the magic of a Confessor. She also stated that Queens used to bow to her kind of people, which could possibly mean she is indeed a Confessor.

When asked why she wore a black form-fitting dress (likely the uniform of a Confessor), Jax said that it would allow her to fit in more than her normal one would, indicating she may possibly be the Mother Confessor and wear a distinctive white dress normally.

In addition, she was said to be a deadly assassin and was proficient in both armed and unarmed combat. Her weapon of choice appeared to be knives, and she generally carried three daggers hidden on her person at any given time.

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