Jebra Bevinvier was a talented Seer, who pledged herself to Richard Rahl, when healed by Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, after nearly being killed in a screeling attack. Jebra helped to warn several people of impending difficulties she foresaw with her talents and then fled Aydindril with Kahlan Amnell. Jebra continued to Ebinissia with Queen Cyrilla and survived the fall of that city. Shota rescued her from the Imperial Order and delivered her to the Wizard's Keep.

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Screeling attack Edit

Jebra was first introduced to the book series during "Stone of Tears", where she was in the People's Palace as a serving woman to a visiting dignitary. The People's palace was then attacked by a Screeling which was fended off by First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, but the beast left a large amount of carnage in its wake. It was here that she met Zedd and informed him of a vision she had received of Richard's presumed death. Zedd, being the kind old wizard that he is, recognized the seeing stone she wore on her forehead and took her warning seriously.

Aydindril Edit

Jebra later surfaced in Aydindril, in the center of the Midlands, and soon met Kahlan Amnell, The Mother Confessor, at a dinner party. The Seer began to speak to Kahlan of a matter of grave importance when, unexpectedly, she was overcome by a vision and slumped to the floor unconscious. Kahlan Amnell, worried for the woman's safety, allowed Jebra to stay with her in the Confessor's Palace in Aydindril. It was later discovered that Jebra's vision had been of the 'death' of the Mother Confessor.

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It was mentioned in "Faith of the Fallen" that Jebra had remained with the incapacitated Queen Cyrilla to aid the ailing regent and hopefully restore Cyrilla to the position of Queen of Galea. This did occur, but unfortunately not as originally expected. Kahlan was later notified of her half-sister's recovery by her half-brother,Harrold, out in the field of battle. He informed her that though Cyrilla had recovered, and re-assumed the throne, she was terrified of the Imperial Order and retracted her alliance with the D'haran Empire for fear of conquest and the vengeance of Jagang. Kahlan, deeply disappointed and hurt by her half-sister's cowardice, rejected Galea from the alliance informing them that the country stood alone and would gain no sympathy from either force. Cyrilla, who was now drivin by her out of control passions and fears of Jagang's Imperial Order, ordered Jebra locked into the deepest dungeon as punishment for spouting her 'heretical' visions and was threatened that if Jebra were ever to speak of her visions again she would have her tongue cut out.

Fall of Galea Edit

While imprisoned in the dungeon of Galea the Imperial Order attacked and sacked Galea. The used the dungeon that Jebra was in as one of the areas to rape and kill the women of the city. She was undiscovered by hiding in a corner and not coming forward from the shadows as all of the other prisoners were released.

Slavery Edit

After days of steeling away in the dungeon cell she had been confined to she ventured out to find the aftermath of the Imperial Order soldiers in her area of confinement. She went to leave the castle in hopes of escape and was able to walk past most of the remaining soldiers by the mere fact that she hadn't been "spoiled" yet and thought to be a servant. As such, she was picked up for a ranking official and brought into a meeting requesting her to get their food. They noticed she didn't have an iron ring through her lip (marking her a servant) and put one through her lip. She then was forced into servitude for the rampaging army.

Arrival of Shota Edit

Shota showed up and liberated Jebra from the army of the order. They then head to the Wizard's Keep.

Wizard's Keep Edit

After Shota leaves the keep, Jebra stays there in the company of Zedd, Rikka, Ann, Nathan, Richard, Nicci and Cara. When Richard announces his plan to leave for the People's Palace Jebra experiences her first vision in a long time. She falls unconscious which prompts Richard to leave and Cara to follow him. Nicci stays a little longer to figure out what's wrong, after which Jebra frantically tells her not to leave Richard alone under any circumstances. Nicci tries to understand the vision, but Jebra just tells her not to leave him alone, as if he isn't alone the vison can't come true and it doesn't matter. She still says that if he's left alone, Six will have him.

While Richard is gone, Jebra barely keeps a hold on her mind as the vision is so strong. Zedd tries to help her, but can't. She is just left trying to fight from falling into delirium. Zedd with Nathan and Ann finally are able to put her to sleep so that she can rest through it.

When Nicci and Cara return to the keep without Richard they go to Jebra's room with Zedd where they find her standing on the ledge of a balcony with Six in her mind. When they figure out that it is Six, Jebra spreads her arms and jumps. Cara is able to grab her leg before she falls out of reach, and she starts to recover, unconscious, in her bed. It is later mentioned by Nicci, while talking to Nathan and Ann, that Jebra was not seen after awakening and had disappeared.

Personality and traits Edit

Jebra was a very pleasant looking woman, with short sandy colored hair and stunningly blue eyes. When wearing her Seer's Stone upon her forehead, Jebra looked to have a third eye; such was the depth of her eyes. Jebra had a few fine wrinkles as she was in early middle age, very young for a Seer who had that gift as strongly as she.

As Jebra's gift as a Seer was unusually powerful, the strength of her visions could over power her at times. However, Jebra was able to cope with much of the pain, brought on by her visions. For much of her life, Jebra resented that her gift caused her to be different to others, but when it seemed her gift was lost to her, she saw that was something that made her special.

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