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Jiaan was a Baka Tau Mana blade master. He was the blade master that was sent by Du Chaillu to the Palace of the Prophets to inform Richard that the Baka Tau Mana had done as he asked and made peace with the Majendie and with the Palace of the Prophets. she also asked him to ask Richard when he would be coming to lead their people back to the land (Valley of the Lost). Richard informed him soon. Even though he was surrounded by soldiers of the Palace he was completely relaxed as he left the palace. A while after Richard came and lead the Baka Tau Mana back to their land after destroying the Towers of Perdition.

Jiaan was one of the Blade masters who followed Du Chaillu to find Richard when they saw the Imperial Order army and found out they were coming after him. He follow Richard to Anderith and helped protect Richard while in Antherith, even killing Kahlan's attackers at the time they did not know it was Kahlan they saved. After they left Anderith, Jiaan, Du Chaillu, and the other blade master went home.

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