Jillian was the Priestess of the Bones, who believed her destiny was to aid Richard Rahl defeat the Imperial Order by helping him to "cast dreams", as was foretold in the tellings of her people. When the home of her people was taken by the Order, Jillian was used by Emperor Jagang to lure the "free" Sisters of the Dark to his position and it was discovered that she was one of the anomalies that were not affected by the Chainfire spell. Jillian later realized her destiny by helping Richard to cast nightmares on the Imperial Order Army.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jillian was a slender young girl, almost in adolescence, with large copper colored eyes and brown hair that curtained her bony face. When the title of the Priestess was bestowed upon her, Jillian had a black strip painted across her eyes, as a mark of her position.

Jillian could often be found in the company of a raven. Lokey was her friend. A young dreamer, Jillian was always willing to listen to the tellings her grandfather wished to share with her. When made the Priestess of the Bones, Jillian bravely took up the position, despite the likely danger she would face. When her grandfather sent her to lay with the bones in wait for Richard, he comforted her by telling her that if anything happened to him, his spirit would be with her through Lokey. When Richard arrived through the sliph with Cara and Nicci, Lokey saved Jillian from Imperial Order troops by scratching at their eyes.

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