The Jocopo were a tribe that occupied the land to the west of the Mud People in the Wilds.


Originally the Jocopo were peaceful people, but due to the actions of deceptive spirits, they began to wage war upon the Mud People. The Jocopo killed, stole, and raped the Mud People. After Chandalen's grandmother was taken by the Jocopo, Chandalen's grandfather contacted the spirits to ask them how to defeat the Jocopo. The spirits told him to kill Jocopo on his terms not on Jocopo's, and trained him each night to kill the Jocopo.  

The Jocopo were originally a larger tribe than the Mud People, but due to night raids conducted by the Mud People, the Jocopo no longer exist.

They had a large treasure hidden away in a cave. The Sliph had a well in that cave, referring to it as the "Jocopo Treasure" and was the location that Kahlan traveled to after speaking to the Witch Woman Shota in "The Temple of the Winds."

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