Kaja-Rang was the wizard who created the land of Bandakar for some of the pristinely ungifted, and those who followed their teachings. Because of the danger that they represented to the future of magic, and that of society being able to see evil, he gathered all of them and trapped them in a valley. He then placed a boundary that curved in a U shape around the mouth of the valley, funneling any who might leave towards the Pillars of Creation, where they would die.

There was a statue of Kaja-Rang in the mountains of Bandakar facing the Pillars of Creation. The statue was inscribed with the Wizard's 8th Rule (Talga Vassternich - Deserve Victory), as well as the High D'Haran phrase, Fear any breach of this seal to the empire beyond, for beyond are those who cannot see evil.

This phrase referred to the danger of the pristinely ungifted who were locked away in Bandakar. Because of the trauma of being sent from the New World, through the Valley of the Lost, and into the Old World, they banded together and decided that they would never be cruel to others again. They created a system of government that always gave people a second chance, and the pristinely ungifted grew up with the belief that "nothing is real." Kaja-Rang feared that if let out, the pristinely ungifted's ideals would spread to the rest of the world, creating the perfect environment for tyrants to rise up and conquer them.

The statue of Kaja-Rang and its words greatly helped when Richard Rahl was attempting to convince the people of the Bandakaran Empire to fight against the army of the Imperial Order that had invaded their homes. It also saved Richard's life, because he realized the meaning of the Eighth Rule and in so doing stopped the gifted headaches that would have killed him.