Kamil was a thug at Richard and Nicci's boarding house. His father was the landlord of that boarding house which once belonged to Ishaq. He and his friends, Gadi and Nabbi mocked Richard for wanting to fix up the place. After Richard showed Kamil and Nabbi how to fix the stairs, Kamil and Nabbi took a liking to Richard, and wanted to learn more from him. The boys looked up to Richard, and wanted to make him proud. They started helping out around the building, improving the lives of the residents. Kamil and Nabbi took to carving, but had a lot to learn. When Gadi turned in Richard's name to the Order, Kamil gave Nicci the money to pay the fee to see Richard. When Kahlan Amnell and Cara arrived at Richard and Nicci’s apartment, Kamil found them and thought they were thieves. After hearing that Kahlan was Richard's real wife, he instantly warmed to them both. After the revolt in Altur'Rang, Kamil went to work as an apprentice of the stone carvers.

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