The Keep of Edraan was a mythical fortress in the Midlands where Wizard Giller was commanded to attempt to create in a person the power of a Confessor. He was able to do this with the help of an ancient magic called the Shicyre that could bend magic in anyway the user wishes. In Conversion, Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell, and Chase tracked Chase's family to this place that is only ever spoken of in fearful rumors. They found that Giller, while unsuccessful in creating a true Confessor's power, had created a rogue power that could be unleashed at any moment, possibly triggered by love. When Richard and Kahlan went back into the Keep to locate Giller to remove the touch of the Confessor that Emma Brandstone, Chase's wife, had inadvertently placed on Chase, they were captured as they find that not only could the Shicyre give a Confessor's touch, it could grant immunity to the one who drinks the elixir that can be made from its magic. Richard was forced to watch as the blades of the Shicyre were placed in Kahlan's body, and the pain that he went through being forced to watch her suffer ignites in Kahlan the Con Dar, which she then killed Giller with, and Confessed four people at once, none of which were touching her. In a brief but intense battle, Richard chased Darken Rahl, the one who ordered Giller to use the Shicyre so that he might invest inhimself the power of a Confessor, out of the Keep, and they gave the last remaining elixir of immunity to Chase, because with Giller dead, they could not remove Emma's rogue power. The Keep was left standing but completely vacant.

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