Kelton was a powerful land. It was part of the Midlands Alliance, before being dissolved into the D'Haran Empire.

Galea never had very good relations with Kelton. Due to the importance of both lands, the hostility was very worrisome to the Central Council of the Midlands. However, the Central Council was usually able to keep tensions in check.

Keltish weaponry is renowned as being the best of the best, possibly because of the large number of armed forces at the nation's disposal.

All of Kelton and the Keltish Army come under the direct command of the Crown. During the reign of Mother Fyren, it was often joked that the army would be grazing on grass within a month if she ever threw her crown out the window to rest on a buck's antlers.

Kelton would become part of the D'Haran Empire when the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell would become Queen of Kelton alongside Galea and stood by her even when Galea deserted her.