Kronos was a Brother of the Fellowship of Order.

Biography Edit

Kronos acted as the leader of the Imperial Order forces sent by Emperor Jagang to recapture the city of Altur'Rang. However, along the journey to Altur'Rang, Kronos' force would cause havoc.

When some of the stories of Kronos's behavior and the general nature of him being a wizard reached the ears of the people of Altur'Rang, the effective leader of their forces, a sorceress, Nicci, decided that she would have to take care of him herself.

Nicci was made to look like an offering to Kronos. When she reached a certain point of the camp she was confronted by a Brother, who she believed was Kronos. Nicci wasted no time and immediately unleashed a tight bolt of her power, that killed the Brother, Byron, immediately. She then unleashed her power on the surrounding soldiers, but as she attempted to escape, she was hit hard in the back and knocked off her horse.

She was then confronted by the real Kronos, unable to use her gift, as she was unable to breath. Kronos lectured her and became enraged at the death of Byron. As he grabbed Nicci's breast, the shock, caused her to sub consciously lash out with her gift, as well as take a deep breath. Kronos immediately brought up formidable shields to protect himself, but does not recognize what Nicci truly was; a former Sister of the Dark.

Nicci then unleashed a bolt of Additive and Subtractive Magic, which ripped through Kronos's shields and blasted him in the chest, killing him.

Personality and traits Edit

Kronos was a blonde haired, blue eyed, pious man. He believed entirely in the ideals of the Fellowship of Order and relished the chance to punish those who did not. As a Brother of the Fellowship of Order, Kronos would always wear the traditional long brown robe, that marked him as a high priest.

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