The Lady Sefa was a boat that often made port at Tanimura.

The Captain of the Lady Sefa was Captain Blake. Blake made a deal with Sister Ulicia to carry her and Sisters Tovi, Nicci, Cecilia, Armina, and Merissa around the Great Barrier into the New World. Blake did not question their motives for such a perilous journey, because of the handsome sum of money the Sisters were paying him.

Before making it to the New World, Ulicia and her Sisters ordered the boat turned around and made a demonstration of what would come to those who disobeyed. The Sisters were captured by Emperor Jagang and given to the Lady Sefa's crew for their enjoyment.

The Lady Sefa was probably destroyed by the devastation caused by the Sisters at Grafan Harbour, when they became 'free' of the dream walker.