Leo Dane is a character from the second season of Legend of the Seeker. He was portrayed by actor Matthew Le Nevez.

Biography Edit

Shota's vision Edit

When the tears in the veil between the Underworld and the Land of the Living began appearing, the witch Shota learned of a prophecy where the Seeker at the time, Richard Cypher, would fail in his quest against the Keeper. She also had a vision that gave her a glimpse of the man who could be named the Seeker in Richard's place: Leo, who was then a blacksmith.

In Dark, after Richard was taken to the Palace of the Prophets for his training as a wizard, Zedd finally agreed to Shota's insistence at naming a new Seeker, albeit temporary. Shota then showed him her vision of Leo.

Named Seeker Edit

About a month after traveling, Cara found Leo while he was tending to one of their horses, after he noticed that one of their horses is about to go lame if not tended to, and assumed that he was stealing from them. She brought him to Zedd and Kahlan, and Zedd announced that he would be the new Seeker. Though surprised, Leo told them of a legend in his family that has been going for generations wherein one from their line will be appointed Seeker of Truth someday; his mother had always been sure it would be him.

Leo also inquired about Richard's fate, to which Kahlan defensively replied that he was alive and merely on a long journey. She then proceeded to hand him the Book of Counted Shadows, which he was able to read, confirming that he is a true Seeker. Leo was then named the Seeker of Truth, which Leo proudly accepted, and he began travelling with Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara in search of the Stone of Tears. Only days into the journey, a Sister of the Dark, Sister Philomena, attempted to assassinate him and was saved by Cara. Upon discovering that the Sisters of Light were possibly corrupted, Kahlan and Cara sought out to retrieve Richard from them, and the compass redirected Leo and Zedd towards the same direction, causing the group to reunite.

Throughout the journey, Leo bonded and formed a close relationship with Cara, much to everyone's surprise. Eventually, the connection culminated in a night of passion in Perdition, and while Cara would not admit it, both cared deeply about each other. However, Leo was killed in the battle against Sisters of the Dark, particularly by Sister Nicci, while protecting Kahlan, whose life was now crucial to the defeat of the Keeper. Leo's body was burnt by Nicci's magic beyond all recognition and thus, Cara would have been unable to revive him with the Breath of Life. He was then burned in a funeral pyre.

Spell of Undoing Edit

Leo appeared once more in Unbroken in the alternate reality Zedd created with the Spell of Undoing. Here, Leo was travelling and happened upon the home of Cara Mason—a version of her whom she would have become had she not become a Mord-Sith. He stayed with her for a time, doing odd chores around her home, and the pair eventually developed romantic feelings for each other. The last time he was seen in the series, he was embracing and kissing Cara just before Zedd altered his Spell of Undoing.

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