Leoma Marsick was an important Sister of the Dark. After Annalina Aldurren faked her death, Leoma was a favorite to succeed her as Prelate, however Verna Sauventreen gained that rank. Leoma became one of Verna's advisers and eventually attacked her by surprise, with several other Sisters of the Dark, in her office. She placed Verna in a cell and tried to break her of her bond to Richard Rahl, but Verna was able to stab her in the leg with a dacra. After refusing to return to the Light, Verna released a flow of her Han into the dacra and killed her.

Biography Edit

Sister Leoma stood in the great hall of the Palace of the Prophets, awaiting the arrival of Sister Verna. When the younger Sister arrived, Leoma indicated a pedestal in the middle of the hall. It was surrounded by a light web and all the Sisters had attempted to retrieve the Prelate's ring that sat upon it, bar Verna. Verna walked easily through the dangerous web and read a letter that also sat upon the pedestal. It named her as the new Prelate and that all Sisters must follow her.

Leoma became an adviser to the new Prelate. During this time Emperor Jagang started to enter Leoma's dreams and gave her his instructions. Leoma began to construct a way to frame Verna as a Sister of the Dark and upon realizing the prophetic ability of Warren, had him locked in Nathan Rahl's former compound.

Waiting in the Prelates office, along with several other Sisters, Leoma awaited Verna. When the young Prelate entered her compound, Leoma took her by surprise, knocking Verna out with her magic. A trial was held and Leoma saw to it that Verna was found guilty of being a Sister of the Dark.

Leoma visited Verna in her cell often, using the Rada'Han around Verna's neck to torture her, trying to break her bond to Richard Rahl, on Jagangs orders. Leoma had little success at this and when she brought Millie, a cleaner, to clean out Verna's cell, Millie left a dacra for Verna. Using the dacra, Verna stabbed Leoma in the leg and had her former advisor give her the names of every Sister of the Dark and remove the Rada'Han from her neck. Verna asked her to return to the Light and when Leoma refused, killed her instantly.

Personality and traits Edit

Leoma was an old woman with a heavily lined face. She had long white hair that she wore loosely tied up with a gold colored thread. She often wore a plain brown dress that cleared the floor by a scant inch. She was venerated, while hiding among the Sisters of the Light, as a senior Sister with much experience at the Palace.

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