The creation of lightning was a power demonstrated by several of the gifted. It was most commonly cast with the use of Additive Magic, when a gifted individual cast out their Han to multiply and focus the heat within the surrounding air to result in the thunderous bolt of lightning, emanating from their hand.

Much rarer, lightning could be created with the use of Subtractive Magic; the resulting rope of lightning was impossibly black. Subtractive Lightning cut through anything, sending the missing piece to the underworld, as demonstrated when Richard Rahl fought against Sister Liliana.

A unique form of magical lightning is wielded only by Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, as part of the Con Dar. This lightning is blue, a form of Subtractive Magic that can combat forces of the underworld like screelings.

Lightning, in any form, was solely employed as a technique in battle. Casting it required more power in the gift than the stopping of a heart. Lightning was also useful in indirectly combating the pristinely ungifted, by ripping up large chunks of rock or earth to fling at them.

Both Richard and Nicci would combine Subtractive and Additive lightnings to create a deadly combination.

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