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Brophy Edit

Brophy was born a human but was transformed into a wolf after he was found innocent by the Mother Confessor of the crime he was accused of. When Brophy was a man, he sometimes used his large size to persuade people to do as he wished. He also had a bad temper but it only came out when he was wronged and being cheated. He was a trader in things of dubious nature at the gray edges of law - things of magic, such as artifacts, books and living creatures of magic. His business and wealth allowed him to support various orphanages and see to it they had what they needed to take care of the children. Brophy was wrongly accused by Demmin Nass of the murder of a young boy, who was Rachel's brother. Because of his reputation and being seen around orphanages, no one was surprised when he was accused of the murder of a little boy. Brophy submitted to the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, to prove his innocence. Kahlan's wizard, Giller, then turned Brophy into a wolf in order to allow him to continue to live his life. The change took away some of the magic of the Confessor, and gave him enough concern for himself to start over with a new life.

As a wolf, Brophy is huge with fierce yellow eyes and thick, charcoal-colored fur from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He has a mate, the leader of his pack, in the forest near the Rang'Shada Mountains. Together, they have a litter of six pups, who are almost grown. After sensing Kahlan's presence, Brophy leaves his pack to follow Kahlan and is later killed by Nass while trying to protect her.

Ghazi Edit

Ghazi was a Night Wisp that left her kind, and stayed at Richard's house. Richard's mother later died trying to get Ghazi out of the fire that was started by an angry man, believing that Richard's father, George Cypher, had cheated him. The angry man smashed a lamp, lighting the house on fire. Richard's mother's screams at being burned alive brought the man back to his sense, and tried, with Richard's father, unsuccessfully, to save her. It is unknown at what happened to Ghazi, but it is a distinct possibility that Ghazi died in the fire that consumed the house. The name Ghazi also means "Fire" in the ancient tongue of the night wisps.

Gratch Edit

Gratch is a gar stumbled upon by Richard after Gratch's mother attacked Richard, supposedly for a meal. Richard is forced to kill Gratch's mother in self-defense, but cannot bring himself to kill Gratch. Once Richard leaves baby Gratch to fend for himself, Richard believes Gratch to be gone for good. Later, however, Gratch reappears and seems to be following Richard in his mother's stead. Richard then secretly cares for and feeds the young gar while he undergoes training as a wizard. Richard continues this care until Gratch has grown to a respectable age, and in the meantime, Richard and Gratch become very close friends. Eventually, Richard is forced to send Gratch away (for fear of his loved one, Kahlan) but the two are reunited later and fight alongside each other until Gratch finds another gar that he loves. Because Gratch is a short-tailed gar, he has respectable intelligence and is able to communicate with Richard and Richard's friends. People often refer to Gratch as Richard's pet, but Richard says Gratch is his friend. Gratch does numerous things for Richard, such as delivering a letter and flying Zedd around. Gratch loves food and wrestling with a passion.

Gregory Edit

Gregory is the only known offspring of the red dragon Scarlet, who befriends Richard after he rescues the egg (that would hatch into Gregory) that had been stolen and hidden by Darken Rahl in order to control her. In the final novel he is full grown and Richard mistakes him for his mother. Though initially hostile towards Richard, Gregory recognizes him as his mother's friend and helps him.

Samuel Edit

Samuel is a wiry, ashen, putrid-smelling, disgusting little creature with a pallid head, bulging yellow eyes, bloodless white lips, sharp teeth, and a shrill scream, who is obsessed with obtaining the Sword of Truth. Despite his size, Samuel is overwhelmingly strong (stronger than Richard) with big, powerful hands, long, sinewy fingers, and sharp nails. Spaces between his teeth are packed with spongy, gray debris. His heavy breath reeks of rot. Dark patches cover his hairless, waxy head. His feet are as disproportionately large as his hands and arms. His arms are so long that even as he stands erect, he often casually draws lines and circles in the dirt of the road with his fingers. His belly is round and full. There is no hair on him anywhere, and his skin looks like it hasn't seen sunlight in years. Short dark pants held up with straps is all he wears as he bounds along in his odd, skittering gait.

Samuel can speak a basic form of the common language, although his voice is often more of a hissing sound, and his laughter is more of a gurgling sound. Samuel's yellow eyes often change quickly between a taunting grin, greed, fierce hate and wide-eyed fear. They shine like twin lanterns in the dark. From time to time, when left alone, Samuel will occasionally snatch up a stick or rock or any other item and say, "Mine! Gimme!" to no one in particular, only to soon lose interest and drop his latest find. If given the chance, Samuel will slit the throat of those he dislikes without a second thought.

Samuel was the former Seeker of Truth, the direct predecessor of Richard. He lives in the Agaden Reach with his mistress, the witchwoman, Shota. He came to her many years before the start of the series, desperate for help, but she could do nothing for him, besides take pity on him. Zedd traveled to the Agaden Reach and took the Sword of Truth from Samuel and Shota and brought it with him to Westland. He later decided to follow the witchwoman Six, and had the Sword of Truth returned to him. He used this to rescue Kahlan from Jagang, and was later killed by Kahlan, in the final novel.

Scarlet Edit

Scarlet is a powerful red dragon, who is actually much larger than her depiction on the cover of Wizard's First Rule. Originally she is the unwilling mount and enforcer of Darken Rahl, who stole and hid her only egg in order to control her. In an effort to find his friends, Richard takes an enormous gamble and seeks her help. A sentient, magical, talking creature, she ambushes Richard, eats his horse and proceeds to 'toy' with Richard before proceeding to eat him as well. Richard saves himself by informing the dragon that he knows the whereabouts of her stolen egg, and will rescue it if she promises to help him find his friends. They agree, though the dragon states Richard's reprieve is only temporary, and that she may later decide to eat him. Richard is released, rescues the egg, and for that she became his friend, and has helped him several times later, both as a ride and with firepower (literally). She gives Richard a magical tooth, which he wears around his neck, and with it he can summon her, but only when he is in great need of her help, she warns. Despite her friendship with Richard, she is still a dangerous predator and thought nothing of devouring the whole village of Mud People if she felt like it. She has the greatest respect for Richard as a Seeker, though frequently teases at each subsequent meeting that she might still eat him. She eventually had her son, Gregory, from the rescued egg and she is mentioned in the concluding book, by the same Gregory, though she was weak and ill because of the world's loss of magic. Her ultimate fate is never revealed.

Shar Edit

Shar was a Night Wisp who served as a guide to Kahlan through the boundary. Shar sacrificed her life to help Kahlan cross the boundary and stop Darken Rahl, who threatened to destroy all magical creatures within the Midlands. Her last wish was that she would be touched by Kahlan's power in order to be relieved from the pain Night Wisps go through when separated from their kind for so long. She also gave Richard his first test to find the book written by a previous War Wizard, which he failed.

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