Lucy is an amorphous being created by the wizards of the New World at least three thousand years ago during the Great War. It is very similar to the Sliph. 

To travel in Lucy, one must have both sides of magicAdditive Magic and Subtractive Magic. Otherwise, without the "price", Lucy cannot sustain her travellers, and they will die. It is not necessary for the person to have been born with both sides, like Richard Rahl--Nicci can travel because she is a former Sister of the DarkCara could travel when she captured the Andolian's magic, and once Kahlan Amnell awakened the Con Dar, she, too, could travel.

Lucy also cannot carry certain items of magic, like the Sword of Truth, because they are not compatible with life inside of her.

Once within Lucy, the traveller must breathe her in, which is frequently cited as pure rapture. The actual process of travelling is almost instaneous to the traveller's perception, because there is no way to gauge time in Lucy, and it is agony to exhale Lucy and start breathing cold, unkind air once one has exited the Sliph.

Lucy was put to sleep during the Great War in the village of Stroyza, and her only purpose is to transport wizard's from Stroyza to the Wizard's Keep to warn of the third kingdom opening.

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