Lunetta Brogan was a sorceress and the sister of Tobias Brogan. Lunetta readily used her talents to help Tobias in his insane direction of the Blood of the Fold. She used her power to hide the fact that Tobias possessed the gift from him, and when he discovered this, he fell into madness using his gift wildly. Lunetta killed him and was in turn killed by Galtero.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Lunetta was completely in the thrall of her brother, truly believing in his cause, having grown up under the harsh teachings that magic is evil in Nicobarese. When the Sisters of the Light came to take her brother and teach him the ways of wizardry, she and her mother used their gifts first to kill the Sisters, and then to magically prevent Tobias from using his power.

Working for the fold Edit

As part of an organization which worked towards the eradication of magic, Lunetta had the odd role of being the magical protector of her brother Tobias. At the Nicobarese palace in Aydindril, Lunetta uses her power to deflect arrows, as well as uses dark magic to bind the Mord Sith Berdine and Duchess Cathryn Lumholtz to the will of Tobias by performing a ritual which required that Tobias possess Berdine's and Cathryn's nipple.

When Tobias captured Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, Lunetta controlled Kahlan with a Rada'han in order to assure her obedience. However, her true purpose through all this was mainly to keep Tobias' power concealed from everyone, including himself. When Adie throws Lunetta's dress into the fireplace in Tanimura, the spell over Tobias is broken and he is able to access his gift for the first time. Lunetta uses her own gift to control her brother, and when he becomes mad with power, she kills him and in the process is killed by Galtero.

Personality and traits Edit

While under a powerful concealment, powered by Lunetta's "pretties", coloured clothes tied together, Lunetta appeared to be a squat, plump and unattractive woman. However this was just a guise, meant to take all attention from her and place it on Tobias. Lunetta was in fact a more mature looking woman and quite attractive.

It is shown in a number of chapters that Tobias and Lunetta have relationship that goes beyond the normal brother-sister relationship.

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