Mardovia was a small land and former member of the Midlands Alliance until its dissolution. Mardovia decided to remain neutral and uninvolved in the war between the D'Haran Empire and the Imperial Order, though the Order quickly overran it.

History Edit

The mother city of Mardovia was Renwold, before its near destruction during Mardovia's invasion. Mardovia was located in an extremely tough country, among the wilds. Due to this, many attacks on the Capital City of Renwold had been led by inhabitants of the Wilds. However, the city had formidable walls which were able to repel the local invaders.

Until the attack by the Imperial Order, the stalwart defenders of Renwold had never failed to keep the wall, and thus their city, secure. However, the Gifted members of the Order were able to overcome them both.

Rather than being ruled by a monarch, Mardovia was governed by a council called the Assembly of Seven. It was apparently the decision favored by a majority of the assembly, which bound Mardovia. The assembly created the laws of Mardovia, regulating the armies and external affairs. The entire Assembly of Seven were apparently killed during Renwold's invasion, and one member's lifeless body was seem to be disrespectfully dragged from the back of a horse.