The Massacre of Ebinissia was a battle fought between the Galean Army units stationed in the Galean Crown city of Ebinissia and an Imperial Order force. The Galeans were hugely outnumbered and defeated. Rather than occupying the city, the Order slaughtered, raped and butchered the people of Ebinissia, leaving none alive.

The Battle Edit

The Galean defenders and the forces of the Order, mainly made up of D'Harans and Keltans, did battle in the narrow passes of the mountains of Ebinissia. The Galeans fought valiantly, however, the Order's sheer numbers overwhelmed them. Those soldiers not killed fled to the city walls and attempted to make a stand. The Order again overwhelmed the Galeans, outside the walls of the Crown city, before their wizard, Slagle, used Wizard's Fire to melt a hole in the Ebinissian defensive walls, the same walls that had held strong for two months during the Siege of Ebinissia, before pouring into the city.

Every man and boy was executed. The women and girls however, were abused and raped for days on end, before finally being put out of their misery. The Order even captured the Queen's palace, though she was not present in Ebinissia. To show their disrespect for the people of Galea and their Queen, they left feces throughout her bedchamber, before leaving the ruins of Ebinissia behind.

Aftermath Edit

A small detachment of Ebinissian recruits, not present in the city at the time of the attack, would return shortly after. After searching the city for survivors, the Galeans closed the doors of the rooms in which women had been abused in the Queen's palace to show their respect, before setting off on the trail of those responsible.

The Mother Confessor herself, Kahlan Amnell, would also come across the ruin of Ebinissia and would join the small unit of Galeans on the trail of the Order. The Mother Confessor proceeded to take command of the detachment, personally overseeing the seemingly impossible defeat of the vastly superior Imperal Order force.