Mathrin Galliene was a member of the Blood of the Fold in Nicobarese. He confessed to being a baneling just before Adie killed him. When Adie was young, Mathrin set fire to a house so that she would break her word and put the fire out, earning her the hatred of the people for violating the oath she had sworn never to use her gift without the permission of the village council. Later, he and his men set an ambush for Adie and her new husband, Pell.

Adie later bonded him to herself so that he was compelled to go to her on every full moon. During that time she tortured him for his crimes. Eventually she released him from his bond, but he still came back to her the next full moon. At that point he revealed himself to be a baneling and that he was manipulating Adie into committing acts of cruelty upon him. He died shortly after confessing this.

Zedd told Adie he met a beggar in Winstead, the capitol of Kelton. He described the beggar as very mutilated with no fingers on his left hand and his eyes gouged out. As the first Mathrin was killed by Adie, it is unclear as to whether or not this is the same Mathrin, or simply that the name brings very bad luck.