Milena was the Queen of the nation of Tamarang in the Midlands. She had one daughter, Princess Violet.

Biography Edit

Queen Milena was introduced in Wizard's First Rule as the ruler of the nation of Tamarang in the Midlands. She was killed by the Mord-Sith Denna and was succeeded by Violet as queen.

Personality and traits Edit

Queen Milena was a large, amply-fed, woman with long hair and fat arms. She was as pompous and arrogant as any queen comes. She often wore layered silks of garish colors and a cape trimmed in rare spotted fox. Her hair was as long as that of the Mother Confessor.

She could often be seen sitting in the dining room in her fancy carved chair at the head table, which was three steps higher than all the other tables, with her tiny dog held in one arm. The Queen fed it scraps of meat that were better than most people in Tamarang had ever been fed. The dog would frequently bite the legs of servants with its tiny sharp teeth, which the Queen was averse to, fearful that it might hurt itself. She always used a funny, high, sweet voice when she talked to the dog. However, when upset, her voice could get very mean. When the queen frowned, people would get their heads chopped off, a habit Princess Violet caught on to very quickly.

Queen Milena frequently had a host of ministers about her that she discussed important matters with, as well as her personal wizard, Giller, her court artist, James, and her barristers, dressed in red-and-yellow pantaloons.

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Behind the scenes Edit

In Legend of the Seeker, Queen Milena is portrayed by actress Geraldine Brophy.