Mirror is the eighteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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All is not what it seems when two opportunistic thieves use magic to disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan and plot to steal the Sword of Truth.

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Gwildor, a common thief, uses a magic mirror to change his appearance to that of a D'Haran captain. He also causes two other thieves named Clayre and Frytss to appear like Kahlan and Richard in order to rob the people of Midlands. Upon seeing Richard and Kahlan, the thieves hatch a plan to steal the Sword of Truth. Clayre and Frytss succeed in stealing the sword but are captured by D'Haran soldiers after Gwildor betrays them. Clayre and Frytss escape only to be found by Zedd, who discovers that they are not Richard and Kahlan. Meanwhile, Richard and Kahlan are captured by D'Harans after being tricked by Gwildor's lover, Bianca. Zedd uses the mirror to pose as Bianca and attempts to trade Clayre and Frytss for Richard and Kahlan. When that fails, he tricks the D'Harans again by having Bianca appear as him, while they escape. Zedd changes Frytss and Clayre back to their original appearances before continuing on his journey with Richard and Kahlan.

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This is the first episode to depict a homosexual character (The D'Haran Jailer)