The Monarch of Galea was the supreme authority in the land of Galea. The Galean Crown was passed down through the Royal Family. The oldest child of the reigning monarch was the first in line; the second child, the second in line and so forth.

The Galean Monarch fell under the jurisdiction of the Central Council of the Midlands and was subject to the Mother Confessor's will.

Known Galean Monarchs Edit

  • Bernadine and Wyborn Amnell; ruled equally as King and Queen of Galea, however when Wyborn was taken as the mate of the Mother Confessor, Bernadine ruled individually.
  • Cyrilla Amnell; Queen of Galea after Bernadine's death, until the events occurring in Stone of Tears.
  • Kahlan Amnell; Queen of Galea in Cyrilla's stead.
  • Cyrilla Amnell; Queen of Galea, upon regaining her sanity, until her death shortly before Phantom.

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