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The Monarch of Kelton was the supreme authority of the land of Kelton. The Crown was passed down through the Royal Family. The Monarch of Kelton had the power to command the nation's army, its people, to sign treaties, and to surrender among other powers.

It was a well known fact that the Keltish Army was extremely loyal to the Crown. It was been said that should the Crown be thrown out of a window and land on the antlers of a buck, that the army would begin grazing on grass.

Known Monarchs of Kelton Edit

  • Mother Fyren; Queen of Kelton for many years, until her death.
  • Cathryn Lumholtz; Duchess of Kelton at the time of Fyren's death. Ascended to Queen of Kelton as the highest-ranking member of the Royal Family left alive.
  • Kahlan Amnell; Queen of Kelton after the death of Queen Lumholtz.

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