The Monarch of Tamarang was the head of state of the nation of Tamarang.

As the highest office in Tamarang, the family could do as they wished. Though a powerful figure on a national scale, in a broader sense, the monarchy of Tamarang was relatively insignificant, considering the size of the nation.

A strange talent for artistry was known to have been seen in the Royal Family of Tamarang. The talent was something that has been passed down through the generations, though not every member of the Royal Family acquired it.

The Crown of Tamarang was passed down through the Royal Family(in the male line,) in order of birth. However, the current Queen usurped the throne from her Husbands.

Lineage Edit

  • Milena: Queen of Tamarang, until her death.
  • Violet: Queen of Tamarang after her mothers death, though she is the puppet of Six.
  • Six: Queen of Tamarang after usurping the throne from Violet, who was her puppet.