Morley was Fitch's best friend, and another of Minister Chanboor's servants who worked as a kitchen boy, and helped Dalton Campbell with some of his requests.


Morley was a kitchen boy, just like one of his best friends, Fitch in the Minister of Culture's kitchen. When Fitch became a messenger for Dalton Campbell, Morley was often brought along on his duties to be the 'brawn' of the operation. He helped Fitch give Claudine Winthrop her warning to stay silent, and eventually, participated in her murder.

Dalton soon warned Morley and Fitch that they had been spotted and named as the murderers (and framed as well, for Beata's rape). They took the money Dalton gave them and ran to Aydindril where, with the chimes loose, the shields were down on the First Wizard's Enclave. Fitch managed to escape with the Sword of Truth, but Morley was killed by Cara in the scuffle.

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