Mrra is a sand panther the lives in the Old World. At a young age she was spell-bounded with two other sand panthers by a wizard commander. The three were forced to fight in a Colosseum and eventually killed their handlers and escaped Ildakar to the wild. The bond between the three sand panthers allowed the three to share their mind, thoughts, and blood with each other, making them bonded sisters. They were also giving immunity to hostile magic. She later attacked Nicci, Bannon Farmer and Thistle near Cliffwall with her two bonded sisters. Mrra's bonded sisters were killed and Mrra was defeated. Bannon and Thistle convinced Nicci to heal Mrra. While healing herself of her injuries as well, Nicci's blood mingled with Mrra's. With a void from the loss of the other panthers, Nicci and Mrra became bonded, making them bonded sisters, allowing them to sense each other and share senses and some memories. Mrra later follows Nicci and Bannon and helps them fight The Lifedrinker. After Nicci leaves Cliffwall, Mrra follows Nicci, but stays independent from Nicci.

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