The Namble was a large, underworld creature.

Description Edit

It possessed a humanoid body, with fur starting at its hips and thickening lower down. Its head was described as being a "horror of anger and fangs". It made one appearance in Stone of Tears to complete a ritual meant to give a Sister of the Dark a wizard's powers. The Namble had the ability to absorb a Wizard's magic from an object known as a quillion, which stored the Han when the wizard was skinned alive, and the wizard's power bled out. The ritual consisted of the Namble first absorbing the magic from the quillion and then raping a Sister of the Dark, a painful process since the Namble had a barbed phallus. Once the Sister willingly gave herself over to the Namble, she absorbed the magic.

The Namble's eyes glowed orange when it held the magic from the quillion. It made no other appearance in the series and it was not known whether it held any higher intelligence, nor how it was summoned by the Sisters of the Dark.

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