In The Legend of the Seeker, Nathair Cranton was the Mord-Sith who trained Cara. She is comparable to (if not the same person as) Snake from Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series. During Cara's trial in the episode "Broken" it is revealed that she had been posing as the local school teacher, Miss Cranton, for years. Her position allowed her to scout for girls who would later be kidnapped and turned into Mord-Sith. She was sentenced to death by confession at the hands of the Mother Confessor herself. During her agony she admitted to Cara that her father's breaking had been unsuccessful. She had to mute him by scalding his throat so he would not be able to refute the accusation he had sold his own daughter away to the Mord-Sith. Since he could not speak, Cara took his silence as guilt, and she killed him with her agiel. After Nathair finished clearing her conscience, she perished.

Appearances Edit

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