A novice is a Sister of the Light in training at the Palace of the Prophets.

Novices are usually young girls taken from their homes, or often given up by their parents, at a very young age. They are girls recognized as having the gift, and over the years they spend at the Palace of the Prophets, they are trained in many skills, from the use of the Han, to prophecy, etiquette, as well as how to train men to be Wizards. They are often given menial tasks such as scrubbing pots, especially when they misbehave.

Novices are often frightened easily, though some can be known to be just as stubborn as their teachers. It is said that glares from a Sister to a novice are as terrifying as looking at the Keeper himself. Most novices are often afraid of the prophet, and want nothing to do with him or to be anywhere near his apartments.

Eventually, novices are promoted and become full Sisters of the Light, once they have sufficient control over their Han and can use the Rada'Han collars in training young men. It is also possible that a Sister of the Light can be demoted back to a novice, if some grave transgression is preformed.

The Sister who is in charge of the lives of the novices is known as the headmistress of the novices. She is always a Sister of some authority.

Known Novices Edit