Season 2 Episode 16 - Nigax
A nygaax was a creature created with dark sorcery.


A nygaax was created by wrapping a live person in bandages and then using magic on the bandages. The only way to get the victim free was to bring them to the brink of death (or kill them), which would cause the bandages to unwrap from the body in search of another one.

If a person desperately wanted revenge on someone, they could pay a sorcerer to make a nygaax, which would then carry out their master's bloodlust. They can apparently only be stopped by sealing them away, as according to an ancient story, a nygaax that once massacred a family was only stopped when it was sealed in a crypt, which is also what had to be done to the one encountered by Richard Cypher and his friends. The creature can apparently live for a very long time (or, possibly, forever), as commented by one of the men in the TV Series "This man survived for centuries."


When hunting for the missing Kahlan Amnell and Cara Mason, Richard Cypher unintentionally removed the slab covering a nygaax, which then promptly escaped into the night. Later, Richard and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander found it, and Richard quickly 'killed' it. However, it is revealed that he killed the innocent host, and the bandages quickly entangled Zeddicus, who, controlled by the bandages, knocks out Richard and the men with him, and then grabs one of the men and hauls him off. It is revealed that it was working for Cormac, where he lays the body of the target at Cormac's feet. It then goes on to kill at least one other man and bring his body to Cormac.

Later, the nygaax is lured into a city, where a group of men planned to blow it up. Richard, not wanting to kill the host Zeddicus, stomps out the fuse to barrels of Dragon's Breath, and the nygaax frees itself by breaking a door. Richard reveals that the bandages will release if it's host is brought to the brink of death, and Cara attacks it (being immune to the nygaax's magic bandages because she is a Mord-Sith) with her Agiels. As the bandages unwrap, the father of one of the nygaax's targets (Erik) foolishly grabs a sword and attacks it, only to be taken over by the bandages. Erik flees back to a crypt, with the nygaax pursuing its target. As he enters the crypt with nygaax in tow, he asks Zeddicus to seal them both in. However, Richard enters as well, and orders Zeddicus to seal all three of them. Zeddicus hurriedly seals the tomb, and Richard uses Wandering Dust with a spell to take him and Erik out of the crypt, permanently trapping the nygaax.

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