Oba Rahl was a son of Darken Rahl who like his half sister Jennsen Rahl, was pristinely ungifted; having no spark of the gift whatsoever, not even the small spark that most people have which allows them to be able to interact with magic. This meant two things, that he could not observe magic and he was immune to it. From this, Oba was able to kill several people of magic who were unable to use their gift against him, causing Oba to think he was invincible. The name "Oba" was high D'haran and could mean either 'servant' or 'king' which he was given in hopes of being a king though he, according to his mother, was too dumb to be a king so would be a servant instead.

Biography Edit

Oba was treated horribly by his mother and the sorceress Lathea who constantly made 'cures' for him which were meant to kill him. After he had grown up He went to Lathea for his mother. After an angry confrontation Lathea tried to kill him with magic, which had no effect on him, and in turn he brutally murdered her. In order to cover up his tracks he lit Lathea's house and her mangled, distorted body on fire. He then overheard Jennsen and Sebastian talking about Althea, when they arrived at the burning house, and the 'holes in the world' and became curious. He then returned to his mother's house. However, his mother soon found out about him murdering Lathea, and he killed her too. Lathea's twin sister Althea explained the pillars of Creation to Oba and died shortly afterwards. Oba then found Richard and used his magic to steal Kahlan, thinking it more appropriate that she be with him. He dies at the Pillars of Creation

Personality and traits Edit

Oba's early life was very difficult. His mother would often make him do every chore that needed to be done at the house, as well as made him drink horrible, burning liquids that his mother told him were to "cleanse the evil" that he was born with, always inside of him. Unlike Jennsen, he embraced the voices from the underworld, and allowed them to rule him, eventually to his detriment. He was perverted in many ways.

Appearances Edit