Philippa was a Sister of the Light of high status, once seen as a top candidate for Prelate. She became a loyal supporter of Verna Sauventreen when she was made Prelate and also became one of her trusted advisers. Philippa helped protect the D'Haran Army from enemy gifted, matching their powers with her own, as did the rest of the Sisters not captured by Emperor Jagang.

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Philippa was a woman of ample height, with exotic features. Her skin was dark and her cheek bones high. Philippa's eyes were brown and intelligent. She appeared to be around the same age as Verna, however she was more than three hundred years her senior.

Once a high candidate for Prelate, Philippa was able to swallow her pride and became loyal to Verna Sauventreen, despite in a way being cheated out of a position she had maneuvered herself into being at least in serious contention.

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