Chapter 46 begins with Jennsen riding atop Rusty on her way to the grand Confessors' Palace. The attack on Aydindril is completely contrary to the expected attack. No one seems to be present in the city. The assault on Aydindril is comprised of 40,000 elite cavalry men, many Sisters (both of the Light and Dark), and the trusted officials of Jagang. All these, besides Jennsen and Sebastian, know the Mother Confessor by sight, as to not let the chance of her escape possible. As they ride forward, the Voice coos in her mind. "Jennsen. Surrender." Ever cooing and insisting. As the advance continues, a scout party returns from the very heart of Aydindril saying no one is present, the city is abandoned. Then Sister Perdita pipes in saying that she doesn't sense any magic present or any traps, yet she still feels nervous about barging in. She says something feels wrong and that the Keep is one place she doesn't understand. Just as Perdita finishes a man comes riding in saying he could smell horses in the city. He couldn't find them but he knew they were there. Then as he was about to leave he said he saw a woman in the second story window of the Confessors' Palace wearing a white dress. The chapter ends as Jagang saddles and charges forward, followed by the ominous battle cry of the cavalry as they follow in his wake.

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