An unnamed magic spell used by Lunetta Brogan at the behest of her brother. The spell turned its victim into Lunetta's obedient slave. To cast the spell, the victim's left nipple had to be sliced off. Once the spell was complete, Lunetta would heal the injured breast, leaving it without a nipple. She would then transfer the nipple to Tobias, thus granting him control over the victim. Unlike the Confessor's touch, the victim would retain her mind and memories.

The spell was first seen being used against Duchess Lumholtz, although Tobias's collection of nipples suggest that they have been using this spell previously. Lunetta also cast this spell on Berdine, to aid the Duchess in their plot to kill Richard. Tobias also intend to have Lunetta cas this spell on Kahlan, but was prevented from doing so by a mirswith.

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