Magic used by Lunetta Brogan in order to bind a victim to her will for the rest of the victim's life. The strength of this spells was such that it compelled very strict obedience upon those it was cast upon. In order to cast this spell, it was necessary to slice of the left nipple of the victim. Once Lunetta gains control of a person, she can transfer her authority to someone else, usually her brother Tobias. Tobias accosts Cathryn Lumholtz, rips her dress and slices her left nipple, so that Lunetta can cast this spell upon her. Brogan takes control of Cathryn because he thinks he can use her to assassinate Richard Rahl. After Galtero knocks out Berdine, Brogan has Lunetta use this magic to put Berdine under his authority. Brogan also tries to slice off Kahlan's left nipple too, presumably so that he can have Lunetta take possession of the Mother Confessor.

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