Prindin was one of the Mud People. He turned to the Keeper and became a baneling, but was killed by Kahlan Amnell.

Biography Edit

Prindin was the brother of Tossidin, and a member of Chandalen's hunting party. He first befriended Richard and Kahlan upon their return from defeating Darken Rahl with the boxes of Orden. The brothers did not share Chandalen's disgust for the two and pledged their loyalty to protecting them as Mud People, and invited Richard to go hunting with them.

Prindin quickly became a friend and trusted ally of Kahlan, offering his services along with his brother to escort her safely to Aydindril. Prindin proved himself to be a skilled scout and eventually helped Kahlan teach the Galean army the art of war. He was of great help during the first attack upon the Imperial Legion, subduing the enemy sentries so silently that Captain Ryan referred to him as moving "like death itself."

After the attack however, Prindin began poisoning Kahlan's tea to weaken her body and resolve. He tricked the Imperial forces into attacking her base camp and forcing her to use her power allowing him a window of time to rape her. As he prepared to capture her he was attacked by Chandalen who he quickly subdued. Then, he stabbed his brother in the heart, and shot both Chandalen and Kahlan with ten-step arrows.

Pridin then dragged her off to rape her and informed her of his services to a "great spirit", but was unprepared for Kahlan to fight through both the tea and arrow poisons to stab him in the chest with the bone knife of Chandalen's grandfather before falling unconscious.

Personality and traits Edit

Prindin was known for his gentle smile and cool demeanor. Liked by all he met, he was quickly accepted by both Kahlan and the Galean forces. Prindin was an expert fighter, skilled with both a bow and the troga. He was dangerously quick and stealthy allowing him to subdue many enemies without being detected.

Pridin later revealed himself to be a baneling, and proved himself to be quite cruel, committing both fratricide and the attempted rape of Kahlan.

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